fredag 22 augusti 2014


På jakt efter något mer kul att titta på nu när hösten anlänt? Såhär beskriver BitchMagazine webserien K&A:

With two main characters—one straight and one lesbian—K&A is a humorous steppingstone into lesbian culture. The show follows Karly and Alex, two women living together in Boston, day drinking around the city, and generally getting into all types of shenanigans. What’s great about K&A is that it effortlessly blends together conventional straight culture with offbeat, lesbian culture, without making either one seem more important than the other. K&A creator Katie Shannon says, “I think a lot times the gay character is in the supporting role, or always there for the comic relief. I wanted Alex to be one of the leads and just as crazy as her straight counterpart.” K&A is definitely wild, with a mix of sophomoric humor and bizarre plots. I’m still waiting on the hit TV show that represents gay and straight characters equally—hopefully K&A can take us there.


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