torsdag 2 juni 2011

De vackraste kvinnorna i världen

After Ellens läsare har röstat fram vilka de tycker är de vackraste kvinnorna i världen. På sajten presenteras en lista över de 100 vackraste kvinnorna. Vem som knep förstaplatsen? Det gjorde denna skådespelerska:

Känns hon igen? Hon heter Naya Rivera och spelar i tv-serien Glee. Såhär kommenterar After Ellen Nayas förstaplats på listan:

When Glee’s writers penned their little bicurous throwaway joke — “Having sex is not dating.” “If it were, Santana and I would be dating.” — they had no idea it would launch the Good Ship Brittana, or that it would set Naya Rivera on a trajectory to the top of our Hot 100 list. Glee’s lesbian fandom flame (stoked often by Naya, herself) would not be quenched, and in the second half of the show’s sophomore season, the writers finally decided to define Santana’s sexuality, making her the highest profile lesbian on primetime TV. And boy, has Naya Rivera sold it. Whether she’s wowing us with her vocals, or wooing us with her million-watt smile, or warming our hearts with her commitment to Santana, or waxing poetic about the LGBT community as host of the GLAAD Media Awards, we just can’t get enough. Lucky for us, Naya Rivera’s career has only just begun.

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