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10 bästa flatböckerna enligt The Lesbian Review

Websidan The Lesbian Review har listat de lesbiska böcker som de tycker är absolut bäst. Böckerna i deras lista är dock engelskspråkiga så vi här på Fem flator tänker att vi ska återkomma med en topplista över de bästa svenska böckerna enligt oss själva. Och kanske även de som finns i svensk översättning? Vi ska undersöka vad vi kan komma fram till! Men här kommer först TLR:s lista! Kommentarerna nedan är på engelska och kommer från originalsidan.

1. Christabel by Karin Kallmaker 
This book speaks of longing across many lifetimes. It is a magnificently written book, a completely unique take on the subject matter with a great set of characters.

2. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters 
This is a dramatic look at two women from very different background falling for each other but being kept apart by their own roles in a con. It is a beautiful, poignant book that will stay with you.

3. Shell Game by Benny Lawrence 
A pirate queen, a beautiful captive with a secret and some high sees adventures told in a witty, tongue in cheek manner.

4. The Magistrate/The Procuress by Keira Michelle Telford 
Okay, I cheated. This is two books. You can spank me if you want ;) These two books are part of a series and the one story follows directly onto the other, so in essence it is one story. Plus there are so many great lesbian books out there, how can you make me choose only ten? This is a great story about London in a post apocalyptic sort of space. There is just enough steam punk in the book to make enthusiasts of the movement quiver in their breeches. The story is about a magistrate (law enforcer) and the madam of a cathouse. They have a history but haven’t seen each other in years and when they are reunited by the murder of one of the madam’s whores then sparks are rekindled and they fall in love. Unfortunately, falling in love is strictly verboten.

5. Tomorrows Promise by Radclyffe
Ah, this book is set on an island and both characters are as restless as the sea. Tanner is an heiress to the Whitley fortune and Adrianne is a marine escaping from her life. The two meet and are drawn together. They both have baggage and can’t help but mess things up. Loads of drama for those who love the – will they/wont they get together tug of war in lesbian romance novels.

6. Twist of Fate by Jessica Cassavant 
Take a funeral and add a doctor who was friends with deceased, add a politicians wife who was also friends with the deceased and have them meet for the first time at the funeral. How stir in some sparks and you will get this book. Throw a spanner in the works by having a reporter find out about their affair. Drama reigns as the two women cannot stay away from each other and the married one feels like she cannot leave her husband for fear of ruining his political career. Oh, the sheer pleasure I get just thinking about this book.

7. Keepers of the cave/Weeping walls by Gerri Hill 
Oops, I did it again. I paired up the books and this time it is even more of a cheat than the previous time because while these are about the same characters, they are two completely unique stories. The main characters of both these books are FBI agents and in the first book the ladies find the passion between them too much to resist and in the second book they are together as a couple. Both stories are X files type cases. The first is about a missing girl, a monster in a cave and a cult of people who worship the monster. The second is about a haunted house. Intrigued yet? Well, you should be. These are both fantastic books.

8. Lucifer Rising by Sharon Bowers 
A former DEA agent becomes a powerful drug dealer after taking over a cartel she was chasing. A reporter, fascinated by the ex DEA agent pretends to bump into the drug dealer at a night club. There is an instant attraction. What happens when the drug dealer finds out that the woman she is sleeping with is actually a reporter?

9. Scarcity by Kate Genet 
This is a short story about a lost girl who finds herself drawn to an older woman who wants to shut the world out. A great read and free from Amazon kindle, if I recall correctly.

10. Reflected Passion by Erica Lawson 
A woman who refurbishes furniture buys an old mirror from an antique store. She is drawn to the mirror and hangs it on her wall. One night she wakes up to hear sounds of passion. Following the sounds she sees that her mirror has become a sort of window into another time and place. A French woman is staring back at her from the other side. Reflected Passion is a romance that spans time and takes you back to a time when women were not safe without a man.

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