fredag 16 april 2010

In your face

Snuskigt? Roligt? Lite av varje? Här är norska gruppen Hungry hearts med låten In your face.

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Anonym sa...

Rätt speciell text!
Tror att jag skrivit texten rätt, men det ä svårt att höra exakt och det kan smita in lite fel här och där, men här ä lyrics till låten:

"You came into my life
And made me believe in love
I wanted to be your wife
That's all us women are
And after some weeks you whisper
Cant we just be friends

I want your pussy in my face
Your fingers up my ass
Your lips are on my tit
Your hands on my tits

You made me feel ashame
And fucked up all my dreams
I let you touch my lonely heart
You screw me from the very start
How could I fail to see
It was all a lie

I want to tie you up my friend
Hit you virgin back
Treat you like a dog
Until you call my name

Shame on you my baby
You broke my tender heart
I know because your so full of shit
I hope you step on it

Now you see me standing here
With another girl
Your eyes on my and now you see
You should never let me go
(Oh, no)

You want my pussy in your face
My fingers up your ass
My lips are on your tit
My hands on your tits

Begging me for more
Darling treat me like a whore
I'd just want to fuck you on the floor
Fuck you on the floor
Until your pussy sore

Fuck you on the floor
Until your pussy sore"

Fem flator sa...

Haha. Speciell var ordet.